Ephyra- The Mermaid Kingdom

Mermaids inhabit all the oceans of Levenia, so Ephyra is largest kingdom in Liadon as far as surface area goes and second only to Liadon in population. Most mermaids enjoy residing in sunken ships and underwater caves. They spend most of their days playing pranks on land dwellers when the opportunity arises, showing off their latest “catch”, and singing sailors into a ship wreck, looting their ships and eating the sailors. Their enchanted voice will hypnotize male land dwellers who listen to it long enough, but for some unknown reason, will put female land dwellers to sleep if listened to for a certain amount of time.

Published by Melanie’s Writing

Stories have been used since the beginning of time to pass down history, teach valuable lessons, influence culture, and to inspire hope. I aim to to all of these things with my stories and more. My blog is dedicated to short stories and long stories in small chunks. I post every week, sometimes more, but I'll keep you updated on my social media! Be sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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