Koltome, The Satyr Kingdom

Now there is some debate whether or not Koltome should be legally recognized as a kingdom in Levenia since the satyrs live in the woods and mostly live off the land, with the exception of the king and queen of the satyrs. Although satyrs are notorious for their love for partying and their lasciviousness, they are widely misunderstood. Deep inside, most of them are simply trying to offer others “a great time” but with a few drinks, they can get a bit pushy and out of hand. Aside from their reputation, they are exceedingly intelligent and virtuoso creatures, often valued as scientists, mentors, musicians, and even lawyers in other kingdoms!

Published by Melanie’s Writing

Stories have been used since the beginning of time to pass down history, teach valuable lessons, influence culture, and to inspire hope. I aim to to all of these things with my stories and more. My blog is dedicated to short stories and long stories in small chunks. I post every week, sometimes more, but I'll keep you updated on my social media! Be sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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