The Phoukas of Levenia

A phouka is a shape-shifting creature that resides in forests all over Levenia, much like fairies. They are known to be helpful as well as mischievous. Very often they take on the shape of a horse, but they can also take on the shape of birds, dogs, rabbits, and cats. Their humanoid form often includes animal ears and a tail. Sometimes, they love to take humans on a wild ride through the forest in their horse form in the middle of the night, dropping them off in the morning exhausted. Phoukas have been known to he hired as spies, hunters, forest navigators, and bounty hunters, but also known to destroy someone’s crops and livestock if rubbed the wrong way.

Published by Melanie’s Writing

Stories have been used since the beginning of time to pass down history, teach valuable lessons, influence culture, and to inspire hope. I aim to to all of these things with my stories and more. My blog is dedicated to short stories and long stories in small chunks. I post every week, sometimes more, but I'll keep you updated on my social media! Be sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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