Five Tips to Help Create a Daily Routine

Okay so another thing I’m currently struggling with is making a daily routine and sticking to it. I know in my heart of hearts and mind of minds (if that’s not already a phrase, it is now) that if I could just set a daily routine and stick to it, my life would be so much easier. Honestly, I’m sort of jealous of those who can set a daily routine and stick to it naturally as if having an organized life is in their DNA. However, since this trait obviously skipped over me, I googled some ways to create and stick to a daily routine and here’s what I’ve found that I believe will work for me (and if you have similar struggles, maybe we can try these together and see what happens!)

  1. Take it one day at a time. I don’t get these people that like to have their lives planned out months in advance, but hey whatever floats their boat, right? I find it easier to have a basic layout of how I want my week to go, but put my to-do list on the chalkboard in my room for the next day, that way I’m only focused on what needs to get done today. Now yes, I understand some long term planning is necessary for larger goals, but as far as routines go, taking it day by day keeps me from getting overwhelmed. 
  2. Find a reward system that will actually work for me. Look, I know the stereotype is to reward yourself with junk food and if that works for others, great. However, junk food doesn’t work for me as a reward system. It’s not motivating enough. Things that I find worth working for are naps, reading a fiction book, coloring, naps, bubble baths, naps (yes I really love naps. One does not know the beautiful power of naps until one becomes an adult.) So once I cross that last thing off my to-do list, it’ll be time for that well-deserved nap. 
  3. Focusing on only a few important things each day. I would love nothing more than to write out ten chapters in my fantasy trilogy, write ten new blog posts, read five chapters in four different books, do all the laundry, all the dishes, slay a dragon, lead an army to victory, destroy the ring and end world hunger all in one day. That’s not going to happen, though. So if I can’t be some epic fantasy hero on the daily, at least I can focus on just a few things a day to accomplish and be happy with what I’ve got done. 
  4. Making it fun and worthwhile. Not everything I need to do is going to be fun and I realize that, but I got to have at least some fun everyday. Making fun a priority in my daily routine makes the routine worthwhile, and I’m more likely to stick to something I find worth it. 
  5. Not skipping more than one day in a row. The theory is that it takes twenty one days to make something into a habit, and skipping days not only ruins the whole point of a routine but greatly decreases the chances of it ever becoming a habit at all. It’s too easy for the brain to slide back to old habits and it will if given the chance. I’m just going to have to remind myself that the routine is absolutely worth it and I’ll be happier in the long run when the routine becomes a habit. 

So what are some things that help you stick to a routine? I’d like to know and maybe get some more ideas from you guys! 

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