Unicorns, White Stags, and Griffins

Unicorns are among the most majestic and revered creatures in Levenia. Their horns carry magical properties that heal the sick and purify tainted water. Their blood also holds magical properties that include eternal youth to anyone whom drinks it. However, this practice is outlawed in every single kingdom in Levenia because drinking unicorn blood willContinue reading “Unicorns, White Stags, and Griffins”

The Fairies of Levenia

Now fairies technically don’t have a kingdom of their own. They live in the forests in every kingdom of Levenia, and they wouldn’t have it any other way. Fairies can range in size anywhere as tiny as 5 inches to as tall as 6 feet! These are the only human-like creatures with natural magical abilitiesContinue reading “The Fairies of Levenia”

Koltome, The Satyr Kingdom

Now there is some debate whether or not Koltome should be legally recognized as a kingdom in Levenia since the satyrs live in the woods and mostly live off the land, with the exception of the king and queen of the satyrs. Although satyrs are notorious for their love for partying and their lasciviousness, theyContinue reading “Koltome, The Satyr Kingdom”

Ephyra- The Mermaid Kingdom

Mermaids inhabit all the oceans of Levenia, so Ephyra is largest kingdom in Liadon as far as surface area goes and second only to Liadon in population. Most mermaids enjoy residing in sunken ships and underwater caves. They spend most of their days playing pranks on land dwellers when the opportunity arises, showing off theirContinue reading “Ephyra- The Mermaid Kingdom”

Amdael, The Dwarvish Kingdom

Amdael is a forest-covered kingdom surrounded by the mountains. Most of its short, stout, and bearded inhabitants live underground or in homey caves. As with most dwarves in folklore, they are happiest when mining for metal and gems and forging fine weaponry. Their thick skin makes them well acclimated to both heat and cold. However,Continue reading “Amdael, The Dwarvish Kingdom”